Flea and Tick

Fleas and ticks in Raleigh, Cary, Durham and the surrounding areas can pose a major health risk to your family and your pets. Carrying potential diseases and painful bites, fleas and ticks should be eliminated from your yard and home for the health and benefit of those you care about.

Our flea and tick treatment for your yard includes an inspection of the area identifying problem areas that can harbor these pests so we can better target areas where they may be concentrated. Although we do treat the whole area, focusing on problem areas can put a big dent in the population. Our flea and tick treatment kills the adults breaking  the egg, larvae, pupae, and adult life cycle. These treatments last for 21 days and are derived from Chrysanthemum giving you the peace of mind that you’re protecting your family from not only these pests but also from toxic chemicals.

Interestingly, ticks are not insects but arachnids meaning they are more closely related to scorpions and spiders than they are common bugs. Ticks wait at the end of tall grass, brush or limbs waiting for a host to walk by where they grab on and bite. If a family member has a tick bite they should consult with their doctor to prevent or address any infection or beginning of disease. The same is true with your pets and if they are bitten, you should consult with your veterinarian.

Fleas can cause major annoyances for your pets and potentially trigger skin conditions that can be detrimental to their health and expensive to treat. Fleas live in long grass and underbrush and can potentially be brought into your yard by wildlife. Keeping flea populations in control can keep your family members including the furry ones safe and healthy.

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