About Backyard Mosquito

You can be confident when a Backyard Mosquito team member services your home. We take pride in our ability to customize your treatment based on your unique home layout, and other preferences you may have. Whether you are looking for a one-time spray or a complete package including barrier spray, we’ve got you covered. Founded by two brothers, Jamie and Brandon’s goal is to keep your family and pets safe!

Jamie is a long time entrepreneur. He arrived in Raleigh, NC by way of a baseball scholarship to East Carolina and went on to play professional baseball with the Detroit Tigers for 3 years. He now makes Raleigh his home.

Brandon is a long-time entrepreneur who developed a recent passion for pest control when some “harmless” red ant stings turned into a real emergency. Brandon’s 9 year old daughter, Addison, was playing outside and accidentally stepped on an ant hill. Ten small red bites soon turned into a systemic emergency when she developed a rapid onset of swelling to her face and neck. She was rushed to urgent care and now has been diagnosed with a severe red ant allergy. Brandon is on a mission to keep all families safe from incidents such as this and thus Backyard Mosquito Co. was born.